Our passion for agriculture drives us to cultivate a more sustainable future.

We revolutionize the way of doing sustainable agriculture,
generating development and growth in Latin America.

As a company, DISAN Agro, is committed to sustainable agriculture, promoting innovative agricultural solutions for the world and promoting initiatives that generate a positive impact in the social, economic and the environmental scope in Latin America.

At DISAN Agro, we daily work in order to ensure a more sustainable future through actions that contribute to caring for the planet:

● The spread of efficient, organic and innovative technologies

● The protection and restoration of essential ecosystems in Latin America.

● The implementation of more sustainable packaging along with organic certification in our products

Learn about our
sustainable initiatives​

DISAN Siembra

DISAN Siembra's purpose is to restore, protect and conserve the essential ecosystems of the Colombian Amazon through the propagation of native species with long-term sustainable technology and practices.

100% Recyclable Packaging

With 100% recyclable packaging and less plastic, we have reduced our environmental impact by minimizing waste generation and promoting responsible production and distribution.

Mayacert Certification

We have a broad portfolio for organic agriculture with the Mayacert certificate, a highly focused on multi-certification in agricultural product systems entity.

Global Pact

Being a company within the Global Pact network reinforces our commitment to having a more responsible operation aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations.