Organic Certification

What is Mayacert ?

Mayacert is a leading organization in the certification of agricultural products, covering both the production process and industrialization.

Its operators are located in different locations: the United States of America, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America and Asia. For the last 20 years, this leading multi-certification entity has been promoting voluntary certification services for small, medium and large agricultural producers, food processors and exporters.

This certification is reflected in the labeling of the products, with the purpose of generating trust and grants access to national and international markets.

Stages of the certification process

1. The certification application is sent to MAYACERT.

2. Mayacert reviews the request and gives a financial proposal. A contract is signed.

3. Review of records and accounting in the company, verification of agricultural practices and/or processing, transportation, packaging, storage and marketing.

4. The inspector prepares a report.

5. The representatives analyze the inspector’s report and prepare an opinion, in which they can conclude whether to grant or deny the certification.

6. If the evaluation opinion recommends certification of the operator, the department representative issues the certificate.

7. The operator receives a copy of the ruling and its certification (if it has been granted).

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